Automated finishing

A cobot can also perform several product finishing operations, such as sanding, deburring and polishing. By robotising these labour-intensive precision tasks, you can free up employees for skilled jobs. In addition, quality of finished work is consistent and the risk of accidents is zero.

Cabot can handle any surface

We supply cobots that deliver top performance when it comes to deburring and even sanding and polishing. Thanks to the built-in power mode, our cobots can effortlessly deal with curved and uneven surfaces, for example. The position is automatically adjusted to achieve the desired force. This valuable function is built in as standard.

No programming knowledge is required for programming the paths.

Advantages of finishing using a cobot

• Programming time is reduced from hours to minutes
• Easy automation
• All hardware can be controlled from the cobot
• Increases quality and productivity
• Reduces the risk of accidents during production
• Increases your capacity, precision and safety
• Employees can be deployed in other areas

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