EasyRobotics EasyDoor

The EasyRobotics EasyDoor is a single automatic door opener for industrial companies that offer CNC machining. The EasyDoor offers upward and downward adjustment and can be used on various types of doors weighing up to 180 kg.

EasyDoor Installation

Installation of the system is simple, thanks to automatic calibration under the supervision of an operator. It only takes a few seconds to detect the driving distance and door train positions with great accuracy. The door system is connected to a high-level controller and supports Profinet, Profibus and digital input/output.
EasyDoor is a robust and safe machine door opener created by integrating EasyRobotics technology with components from Siemens.

• Practical and timesaving
• Hygienic
• Easy to install
• Simple programming function
• Automatic stop function
• Compliant with EN ISO13849 part 1

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