EasyRobotics EasyPalletizer

Industrial palletising is easier than ever with the EasyPalletizer from EasyRobotics. This lightweight mobile base platform (skid) enables double palletising at floor level. It consists of a Europallet-format console with a compartment for robot controller, cables, fixed base or lifting module.

The EasyPalletizer can be equipped with software and robot arm from a manufacturer of your choice (multiple options possible).
Additional functionalities can be mounted onto a component plate inside the EasyPalletizer.

Specific applications EasyPalletizer

• Precise palletising at floor level
• Loaded transfer stations to mobile robots from a conveyor belt or other fixed units
• Unloading and loading
• Double palletisation system

• Higher operating speed
• Load stability assured
• Flexibility for production
• Precision
• Movable palletising cell for fast mechanical set-up with a pallet truck

+ various suppliers of robot arms

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