EasyRobotics ER1000

The EasyRobotics ER1000 is a pallet pass-through station designed to lift and place pallets weighing up to 1000 kg. The MIR500 or MIR1000 access the station without needing to turn around from the delivery point. This results in faster, more predictable system operation.

A control unit for ER1000

The ER1000-dispenser is expandable with two stations for delivery and retrieval with just a single control unit in the middle. The ER1000 can ‘communicate’ with the MIR500 and MIR1000 and order a pallet to be picked up.

• Higher load stability, precision and accuracy
• Predictable and fast operation
• Increase operational speed
• Safe movement of boxes
• Manually operated emergency stop on the control device
• Foot protection, collision detection
• Automated controlled pallet lifting
• Fully automated

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