EasyRobotics ER5

The EasyRobotics ER5 is a compact mobile workstation with robot arm designed for partially automated relatively small production environments. Its small size makes it easy to fit into a production line.

If processing machines in a production hall are positioned near each other, it is vital that people can work safely beside them. Not a problem with the ER5. This collaborating robot (cobot) incorporates force sensors. The device is enclosed in a ‘virtual’ cage. If a person gets too close, it stops automatically.

Benefits ER5

• Compact and mobile
• Safe and flexible
• Can be integrated quickly
• Steel housing
• Easy to move around thanks to two large wheels
• Integrated rollers and handles
• Supplied complete with drawers, robot arm and control panel
• Controlled with ProFeeder Easy+ software

+ various suppliers of robot arms

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