CoWelder welding cobot

The CoWelder welding cobot is an affordable and ideal first step towards welding automation. This compact robot is very suitable for small series production. The CoWelder effortlessly performs repetitive welding work. This enhances efficiency because it allows your qualified welder(s) to take care of more complex jobs. Uniquely, employees can work right next to the welding cobot (cooperative robot) without the need for barriers.

Simple and advanced welding with welding robot

This compact welding assistant is perfect for welding simple pieces with MIG / MAG or TIG welding (with or without cold wire feed) regardless of quantity and frequency. Once set, welding patterns are easily stored in the robot memory. In short, the CoWelder welding robot is an asset for every professional welding shop that wants to make significant progress in efficiency.

How does the CoWelder welding cobot work?

After a short training, a qualified welder can move the CoWelder welding robot to any position and store that position. Storing different consecutive placements creates the welding program. The welder then allows the robot to move through the sequence – without actually welding – for checking purposes. If the sequence is correct, the robot welder can start working.

Advantages CoWelder welding cobot

• Professional welding performance
• Uniformity in series production
• No changes in working procedures
• Qualified welders can focus on complex tasks
• 18 configurations
• No programming knowledge required
• IGC® Intelligent Gas Control Technology
• Robot Motion Safety Control
• CE mark
• Ease of installation
• Increased production capacity
• Maximum flexibility
• Special features:
Extra options:
> Vertical and horizontal displacement units
> Attachable to welding table

Let’s demo!

Taking your first steps in welding automation? We’ll gladly give you a demonstration of the CoWelder!